Gonzaga Manso

Director and Photographer

My name is Gonzaga, I am a director and photographer and I work mainly in advertising and art. My work speaks of what I feel, what I dream about, what surrounds me. From the fight I had with the taxi driver, from that girl I met in the summer, from losing myself and finding myself, from my dog ​​and his hobbies. Telling stories and creating characters is a passion, but also a necessity. I believe in hard work, planning and detail. We leave the skin building decorations and modeling light to get THAT environment, THAT color. And how good we had. I have had the pleasure of working with clients such as Pepsi, Movistar, Sony and Smart, along with agencies such as DDB, McCann-Erickson, BBDO Counterpoint and TBWA. Some of these works have been awarded in important international festivals, others have not. As a cinematographer I have worked with such prestigious Spanish directors as Javier Fesser, Borja Cobeaga and Julio Medem. I also teach courses and lectures on light and photography. I have given talks in Lima, Buenos Aires, Venice, Madrid, Panama, Bogota, Santiago de Chile ... Dedicating yourself to what you love is a great privilege. I feel very grateful to all the people who are part of this team and make it possible day by day.

Sessions By Kevin Mullins

  • 21 October 2017 16:30 pm - 18:30 pm
  • Hotel Astoria Italia Conference Room

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